Condoleezza Rice speaks at Augustana University


John Kirkvold

Condoleezza Rice speaking to young journalists at Augustana University

Nationalist Staff

On March 20, 2018, Secretary Condoleezza Rice spoke at the Boe Forum on Public Affairs at the campus of Augustana University. Journalism students, high school through college, had the privilege to ask Dr. Rice their very own questions at the student press conference that took place an hour or so before the forum. As students asked loaded questions about topics ranging from what she did on September 11 to her time as a College Football Playoff committee member, the room was filled with the sounds of writing and the clicks of cameras. As the day unfolded, hundreds of people flooded the sidewalks on their way to the Elmen Center, where the Boe Forum took place.

The Elmen Center was quickly packed full of people eagerly waiting for Secretary Rice’s speech: “National Security and the World.” Rice did not disappoint, covering the past, present and potential future states of the international order, as well as some of the big threats to security both within our country and around the globe.

The night concluded with an onstage interview by Jacob Blank, a student majoring in Government and International Affairs at Augustana University. Blank’s questions for Rice were formed by fellow classmates and himself and covered topics such as anti-satellite capabilities and Russia, cyber security, and simple pieces of advice she had for audience members. This highly eventful evening, designed to inform and inspire, did just that. As Dr. Condoleezza Rice exited the stage, the excitement of the event became a memory, and the crowd began to subside.




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