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Boe Forum Perspectives: Kaitlin’s Thoughts

Kaitlin Schieuer, Writer, Editor

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     In reflection of 2018’s Boe Forum on Public Affairs, I would like to note Dr. Rice’s extraordinary speaking skills. Condoleezza Rice has a way of speaking that makes you feel as if you are having a conversation with her, even though she is the only one talking. Just about every question that was asked of her brought about an anecdote (a good chunk of which were humorous) that would deepen the situation and make it much more personal. These stories transported you into her own shoes without moving slowly or being over described, but rather acted as embellishments and/or depictions of her main points. The way she spoke alone was enough to move a person. I don’t want undermine the powerful topics she covered, but what stood out most to me was the way she said the things she did.

     As an introvert, I like to listen. Speaking isn’t really my thing, so when individuals have the confidence to put themselves out there and can speak in front of a crowd of hundreds of people with ease, I’m fascinated. There is something about seeing a person perform magnificently on a podium or in an arena that conjures up something inside of you that sees yourself in the same place. You think to yourself, “what if that was me…” which is exactly how Dr. Rice made me feel. Everything came so naturally to her; she could have transitioned between topics in her sleep, and all questions she was asked were answered both rapidly and thoroughly. Witnessing Dr. Rice on stage was truly an amazing experience, one that I will never forget.

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Boe Forum Perspectives: Kaitlin’s Thoughts