Tragedy ensues as kidnapping victims are located in Missouri

Cecelia Hillyer, Writer

November 3rd 2022, in Southern Missouri, a missing mother and her unborn baby were found dead after being kidnapped in Arkansas on October 31st 2022. Ashley Bush was 31 weeks pregnant with her 4th child when she went missing in Benton County, Arkansas. Authorities were able to discover Amber Waterman’s involvement with the kidnapping through social media and cell phone records. Waterman called 911 and stated she gave birth and the baby was no longer breathing. She claimed the baby as her own when EMS was unsuccessful with CPR. EMS recommended that Amber receive medical help, but she refused. The baby was then taken to the coroner’s office and they told Amber that she could come to set up the funeral arrangements. Arkansas authorities called Missouri authorities to explain their suspicion the next day. The autopsy report from both Ashley and her daughter showed evidence that the baby was cut out prematurely. Amber has since pleaded not guilty. No charges have been placed on her husband, Jamie, due to a lack of evidence showing his involvement. If Amber’s verdict comes out as guilty she could face either the death penalty or a $250,000 fine.